Is this really a #goodidea?

Posted by on Nov 24, 2013 in Ramblings

This morning I was having coffee, watching How it’s Made. My girlfriend was in bed playing HayDay. Typical Sunday.

A commercial comes on for Capital One Bank – Samuel L. Jackson yelling something about how their Visa is better than others. At the end, they flash a hashtag at the bottom of the screen for this new campaign. #KaChing. It’s something I’ve noticed for a while now – companies are creating hashtag-driven campaigns in hopes their legions of loyal customers will help spread the word. I get it, and it seems to work, for the most part.

But am I the only one who thinks this is a disaster waiting to happen? Do these companies understand you don’t/can’t own a hashtag? Exhibit A, B, and heck C through Z:

I mean, if I were head of marketing at Bank of America, I’d hire hundreds of people to tweet negative things about Capital One using the #KaChing hashtag. Their customer service sucks #KaChing. They screwed up my checking account and my rent was late #KaChing. They burned my house down and sold my baby brother on the black market #KaChing. Granted, I’m a jerk, and not the head of marketing at BofA, but really, how fragile are these campaigns? In an age where image is everything, why risk it?

Edit: Watching Sunday football, Chrysler’s great idea is #BigFinish. I’m not even going to search this one.
Edit2: Yes, yes I am going to search this. It’s a Doctor Who thing. Thousands of posts peppered with the occasional hardcore porn. Bravo, Chrysler. Well done.

On a cool side note, in posting this video, I stumbled across a neat way to make embedded YouTube videos responsive – check it out on WDW.

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